NewsInternational Media Production Zone (IMPZ)

Dubai’s International Media Production Zone (IMPZ) seeks to create a unique cluster environment for media production companies from across the industry value chain, and from across the world, to interact and collaborate effectively. Catering exclusively to companies in the Graphic Arts, Publishing and Packaging industry.
IMPZ will provide an environment of growth by building key facilities, investing in infrastructure, and forming a unique free zone that incorporates industrial, commercial, and residential and community service projects under its mantle. The vast complex is currently being developed on 43 million square feet of land, in the heart of commercial Dubai.
The IMPZ initiative is part of Dubai’s vision to develop itself into a global media hub. As such, it will provide a pro-business environment, sophisticated technology and community infrastructure to support and foster the growth of media production.

DubaiMultiple choices
The Zone’s production cluster focusing on the printing and publishing industries will provide superior infrastructure for various activities, available
as leasehold land and distinct units for printing, production and warehousing.
Each unit will act as a complete facility for production operations with exits for loading and unloading raw materials and finished goods. The
thermally-insulated production units will be made available on an annual rental basis.
Printing companies also have the option of taking multiple units or having a combination of both land and production units

Situated on the Emirates Road, in close proximity to the Jebel Ali Port and the recently announced Jebel Ali Airport City, IMPZ’s strategic location
will considerably ease imports, exports and logistics operations. The new airport, when completed, will have a handling capacity of about 120
million passengers annually along with 12 million tonnes of cargo.
As for the location of Dubai at the crossroads of Asia, Europe and Africa, and with its enviable proximity to multiple markets, it has already
proved its mettle as a centre for various international operations.

Eco - friendly environment

IMPZ will deploy and promote eco-friendly industrial environments, where tested concepts and practices will be adopted to recycle waste and
enable companies to utilise each others’ by-products instead of disposing them as waste.
Renewable energy sources will be included in the site’s infrastructure to guarantee reliable and clean power.

Fulfilling lifestyle

Complementing and completing the community infrastructure, IMPZ has planned several residential and commercial
amenities including family apartments and low-cost accommodation for blue collar workers. Supermarkets, recreational
and healthcare facilities and services, like banking will also be available in the Zone.

Irresistible advantages
The IMPZ initiative is designed to bring a wide range of benefits to the industry.
• 100% foreign ownership, means that no local sponsors are required.
• Guaranteed 50-year tax exemption from personal, income and corporate taxes.
• Customs duty as per the rules and regulations.
• 100% repatriation of capital and profits.
• Flexible labour laws ensure that industry needs for part-time and temporary requirements are met.
• Single window service provides 24-hour visas and fast-track immigration process for knowledge workers, guaranteeing quick access to skilled employees.
• World-class technical infrastructure includes high bandwidth, low-cost telecom infrastructure and secure, high-speed support infrastructure.
• State-of-the-art urban infrastructure means cost competitive, flexible office space and world-class housing, medical and education facilities.
• Access to a talent pool of highly skilled, low-cost knowledge workers.
• Straightforward laws and regulations include fast and easy company registration laws, hassle-free immigration processes and straightforward legal procedures.
• Gateways to markets include access to regional markets in the Middle East, North Africa, Indian subcontinent and CIS countries.
• Supportive environment with Government-backed business initiatives, business incubators and training programs.
The innovative concept of creating a cluster of similar businesses in physical proximity is not a new one to Dubai, and its strategic advantages have been proven to pay off.
Co-existing at a single location will enable print companies to coordinate production activities efficiently with feeder companies like machinery and equipment providers
and suppliers of raw materials and spares. For small and medium-sized businesses, the time and costs involved in sourcing requirements will be considerably reduced, as
they can avail of several shared services.

Main 4 segments:
1. Graphic Art Industry
2. Publishing
3. Packaging
4. Media Production

1. Graphic art industry

Printing and Manufacturing Machinery
Pre Press
Prepress includes all the steps which are carried out before the actual printing, prior to transferring of information onto paper or other substrate.
The process of transferring ink onto paper or other substrate via a printing plate; this includes Letterpress, Printing, Gravure Printing, Lithography Printing and Screen Printing.
Post Press
Print Finishing (post press) includes all those steps which are carried out after printing on paper or another material has taken place. Finishing processes include cutting,
folding, gathering and binding and other similar processes for producing a finished product.
Paper and consumables
Supplies of all types of papers including web, wood free, art paper, NCR paper, consumables, ink, plates, films, lamination and cleaning products & devices.
Used Equipment Supplier
Import and re-export of refurbished machinery for Pre Press, Press and Post Press.
Service and Parts Provider
Provider of proprietary parts and servicing of printing machinery.
Printing Press
Digital Printers (Large Format)
Business model based on printing short run, colour or black and white documents. Service oriented. Fully digital workflow including the presses. Book-on-Demand
Quick Printers
Small offset printers, mainly focussed on short runs and fast delivery times. Typical products are business cards, business stationery, forms, flyers, etc.
Commercial and Industrial Printers
Printers focused on commercial printing and related services, usually offering full services from pre press to post press,
producing a wide range of products, mainly focused on sheet-fed offset.
Commercial Web Printers
Printers focussed on printing and finishing mainly high volumes of magazines, catalogues and commercial jobs plus related
services with a main focus on web offset, additional sheet fed offset presses or web gravure presses.
Newspaper Printers
Printers focussed on printing periodically-published newspapers plus some commercial jobs for capacity utilisation using mainly
cold set offset presses and mailroom equipment.
Plastic Cards Printing
Printers focussed on printing plastic identification cards for both private and public sectors.
Cards and Envelopes Printing
(Printers focussed on production of business cards, invitation cards to official events & ceremonies, season’s greeting cards and
congratulations on occasions of feasts and weddings. This also includes the printing of envelopes.)
Screen Printing
Printers focussed on printing glass, textiles, metals, wood, foils, plastic, boards, paper, card and acrylic boxes.
Direct Mail Printer
Printers focussed on services for personalised mailings with the capacity to handle various non-graphic data formats.
Neon Printing Manufacture
Businesses engaged in the fabrication of promotional items include kiosks, light boxes and signage using acrylic, wood and metal for
retail and service industries such as shopping malls, shops, restaurants, hotels, etc.
Signage Manufacture
Businesses involved in manufacturing all kinds of road signage, including installation and maintenance.
Exhibition Contractor
Businesses engaged in the design and fabrication of individual exhibition stands including research and conceptualisation, mechanical, electrical, and electronic
engineering, model making, fabrication, installation and maintenance.
Packaging includes the equipment, material and processes for containment and packing prior to sale or shipment with the primary purpose of facilitating the purchase, use
and transport of a product or products. Also includes recycling of packaging products.
Flexible Packaging
Includes printed OPP/BOPP film, printed aluminium foil lids, printed OPP/BOPP/PS labels, stretch-sleeve labels, unprinted film and specialist ice cream packaging.
Laminated Packaging
Laminated cartons for packaging liquids and corrugated cartons: includes Gable-top cartons, Aseptic cartons, craft paper and fluting.
Metal Containers and Closures
Includes two-piece beverage cans, three-piece tinplate cans, crown corks, can ends.
Plastic Containers and Closures
Includes blow-moulded HDPE, blow-moulded PVC, PET/PET pre-forms, HIPS and PET sheet thermoforming, plastic caps, lids and other closures.
Packaging Manufacturing Machinery and Transport Packaging
Includes all machinery for the production of packaging goods and materials, injection moulding, and machinery for the recycling of packaging products.
Packaging Printers
Includes folding carton production and related services such as geometrical design, development of carton material, logistics and warehousing of finished products, hot foil
stamping, special varnishing, die-cutting, embossing, engraving and gluing.
Label Printing
Includes label production and related services such as wet glue and pressure-sensitive labels, wraps and sleeves. Also included are finishing processes, including hot-foil
stamping, guillotining, punching and die cutting.

2. Publishing

Newspapers (Regional and National)
Includes Dailies, Weeklies and Supplements published to communicate regional, international, corporate or industry-specific topics on a regular basis, and produced in a
broadsheet, tabloid or broadside format.
Professional, business and customer publications, business and professional interest magazines including marketing, advertising, public relations, management, human
resources, computer security, printing, horticulture, planning and development, and other industry topics; personal interest magazines including motoring, motor sport,
music, consumer electronics and sports.
Business and consumer books covering educational, fiction and non-fiction books produced in hard or paperback format covering academic disciplines, science,
humanities, social sciences, law, medicine, psychology, business, arts, economics, accounting, educational and reference books and children’s books.
Online and Electronic Content
Companies involved in the organising, categorising and structuring of information, either in the form of text, images, documents, etc. so they can be stored, published, and
edited with ease and flexibility, including collecting, managing and publishing content or any similar content required for reproducing publications online.
Publishers involved in the creation, content, structure and presentation of electronic books with the functionality of an ordinary book.
Directories, Guides, Manuals and Catalogues.
Publishing companies involved in the disciplines associated with catalogue/directory collation of data and production of small handbooks, such as tourist guides,
operational/product manuals, product catalogues and directories such as telephone/industry directories.
Publishing Representatives
An establishment or a person representing a Publisher conducting a publishing activity in line with the licensing requirements.

3. Storage
Companies that deal in storage of goods and commodities in warehouses for
later use on behalf of self or third parties for a limited period.

4. New media

New Media
Media utilising electronic and interactive delivery elements.
Interactive Media
Media content and services utilising the Web, and electronic devices including interactive television through cable or satellite.
Recreational and Educational Media
Media for entertainment, recreational, leisure and educational interactive and electronic-based products, development and services.
Digital and Streaming Media
Digital and streaming media content, management, archiving, distribution and services.
Production of New Media
New media production including music and “narrowcast” equipment, including production and post-production equipment, maintenance and services.
Media Production
New Media Marketing and Publishing
Production of online and electronic brochures, advertising and publishing and related services.
Advertising Designing and Production
Companies that design commercials and produce audio and video tapes, paintings and photographs for newspapers and magazines.
Promotional Gifts Preparation
Companies providing engraving, printing or similar services for promotional gifts.
Multi-Dimensional Images Production (Hologram)
Includes 2-3 dimensional or hologram imaging by technical means, technology on devices like thermal paper, stickers or tapes (films) which are used for promotional
purposes, and for protection against counterfeiting.
IMPZ’s objective is to capitalise on this development and create a cluster of media production companies. The first production cluster will focus on the graphic art,
publishing and packaging industry.

The ‘Products’ built into its Master Plan include:

• Industrial Projects
• Commercial Projects
• Residential Projects
• Community Service Projects

Industrial Projects
• Plots of Land for media production
• Pre-built Production units
• Media Industry Complex
• Logistics Center
Commercial Projects
• Makateb (offices)
• Publishing Pavilion
• Media Market
• Media Tower
• Exhibition, Conference and Business Centers
• Hotels
Community Support Service
• Schools and Day Care Centers
• Parks
• Fitness and outdoor recreation facilities
• Media Center
• Restaurants and retail shops
Residential Projects
• Masaken
• Amwaj
• Terrace Residential
• Oasis Residential
• Canal Residences
The ‘Services’ offered by IMPZ include
Government services such as:
• Employment residence entry permits
• Transit visas (only for business purposes)
• Visit visas (for business and personal purposes)
• Family residence visas
• Driver’s licence
• Vehicle registration
• Company post boxes
• Foreign visas for business trips & No Objection sponsor letters
• Employment residence entry permits
Registration, Incorporation and Licensing
Legal registration and incorporation of new companies and licensing
services and products for existing companies.
Preparation of all lease agreements for new customers and renewals
of lease agreements for existing customers, negotiation of lease Terms
and Conditions, property management of space in the Free Zone,
implementing Dubai Technology & Media Free Zone policies and
regulations with respect to leased space.

IMPZ at a glance:
• Plots of land: Available to investors who wish to build their own media production outlets.
• Pre-built production units: Pre-engineered units containing warehouses with offices and showrooms.
• Publishing Pavilion: A centre dedicated to the publishing industry.
• Makateb: Office towers to be built by individual investors.
• Media Tower: Exclusive offices that provide branding opportunities.
• Media Market: Niche services for independent media professionals.
• Oasis Residential: Blue collar residential apartment blocks with community facilities.
• The Centrium: White collar residential apartment blocks with community facilities.
• Amwaj: Residential apartments catering to families of employees.
• Terrace Residential: White collar residential apartment blocks with community facilities.
• Masaken: Residential towers to be built by individual investors.
• Logistics Centre: Inventory storage and distribution facilities.
• Community Centre: Facilities for working and residential communities.
• Convention Centre: Exhibition, conference and business centre venues.
• Amphitheatre and Arena: Venues for large events and exhibitions on site.
• Hotel: Located next to the Amphitheatre and Convention centre.
• Transportation and Service Centre: Facilities for drivers and vehicles.
• Internal transportation system: Convenient transportation between different areas.

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