NewsInternational Media Production Zone (IMPZ)

Dubai’s International Media Production Zone (IMPZ) seeks to create a unique cluster environment for media production companies from across the industry value chain, and from across the world, to interact and collaborate effectively. Catering exclusively to companies in the Graphic Arts, Publishing and Packaging industry.
IMPZ will provide an environment of growth by building key facilities, investing in infrastructure, and forming a unique free zone that incorporates industrial, commercial, and residential and community service projects under its mantle. The vast complex is currently being developed on 43 million square feet of land, in the heart of commercial Dubai.
The IMPZ initiative is part of Dubai’s vision to develop itself into a global media hub. As such, it will provide a pro-business environment, sophisticated technology and community infrastructure to support and foster the growth of media production. more...

The Palm ( Jumeirah )

The Palm JumeirahLaunched in 2001, The Palm Jumeirah is the icon that captivated the world’s attention. The first chapter of The Palm Trilogy, The Palm Jumeirah is known as the eighth wonder of the world. Helping solve Dubai’s beach shortage, the island has doubled Dubai’s existing coastline and will also double the number of beachfront hotels in the city. Along with world class residences and hotels, the island features unprecedented retail, exceptional leisure and premier entertainment options. It is expected to welcome 20,000 visitors a day. A monorail, the first of its kind in the region, will transport passengers conveniently to a variety of island locations. Fast becoming a reality, The Palm Jumeirah is Dubai’s celebrated landmark and international attraction.

Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Project Type:     

Mixed-use development of commercial, retail, residential and hospitality offerings


Handover of villas and apartments, followed by hotel construction

Completion Date:
Handover of the first phase of The Palm Jumeirah began December 2006

Burj Dubai

Burj Dubai"Burj", the Arabic word for tower along with "Dubai" will forever be put on the map with this tower as Burj Dubai developer Emaar Properties PJSC intended.

Burj Dubai Facts

Architect: Adrian Smith (SOM).
Construction :
Construction Company: Samsung E&C.
Cost : $8 billion compared to Petronas Tower 1.6 billion back in 1998.
Design company: Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill (SOM).
Elevators : 66 double deckers moving at the speed of 18m/s (40mph), making it the worlds fastest.
Facade: Ferroconcrete, steel-frame.
Floors : 110*
Foundation: Concrete with 55 m(84 ft)tall piles attached into the ground.
Frame: Reflecting glazing to cool and save energy.
Gross Floor Space: 314,000 m² (3,378,137.6 sqft).
Height :
705 m (2,313 ft)*.
Observation deck: Indoor and outdoor at the 124 th floor, 34 floors abow the current leader Taipei 101.
Project size: 190 hectares including artificial lake and downtown Dubai.

In fact the Abow downtown Dubai is one of the smaller construction zones in Dubai. Right in front of you, out in the sea would now "the World" and the "Palm Deira" be visible, two gigantic projects made up of artifical islands and well under it's way of construction. Construction in Dubai goes fast.

Right in front of the Burj Dubai is the artificial lake and the warehouse looking buildings on the right is the Dubai Mall. The tall building to the left in the picture(the one with a significant shadow)of the mall is the Burj Dubai Lake Hotel & Serviced Apartments. It's actually 306 m (1003 ft) tall, comparable to the Eiffel tower but in proportion to it's surrounding and the Burj Dubai it looks kind a low-scale. The area between the Burj Dubai Lake hotel and highrises to your left are the old town. Built in traditional style it includes residentials, shops, restaurants and even a souk(open air market).The wide road furthest to the left on the picture are the Burj Dubai boulevard "inspired by the great boulverds and streets of the world" as they put it on the website and it will be accessible by both vehicles as well as pedestrians. Worth mentioning are also the Burj Dubai lake park, the green extension out in the lake in which the office people of the towering "the business hub" in behind can have their lunch if the heat allows them to.

The World

The World Dubai

The World Islands, which is sometimes mistakenly referred to as the Palm World or Globe Islands, are a collection of man-made islands shaped into the continents of the world, located off the coast of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. It will consist of 300 small private artificial islands divided into four categories - private homes, estate homes, dream resorts, and community islands.

The World Islands will be located 4 kilometers off the shore of Jumeirah, close to the Palm Jumeirah, between Burj Al Arab and Port Rashid at approximately 25°13 North and 55°10 East. The AED 6.6 billion (US$ 1.8 billion) project will cover a total area of 9 kilometers (5.4 miles) in length and 6 kilometers (3.6 miles) in width, surrounded by an oval shaped breakwater. The only means of transportation between the islands will be by marine or air transport and boat transportation from the mainland will be from the umm suqeim and jumeirah fishing harbours.

Each island of The World will range from 250 to 900 thousand square feet (23.2 to 83.6 thousand square meters) in size, with 50 to 100 metres (164 to 328 feet) of water between each island. Each island will be sold to selected private developers and are expected to have pricing beginning at AED 25 million (US$ 6.85 million). Individuals who own on an island in The World Islands include Formula 1 World Champion Michael Schumacher.


Hydropolis - The World’s First Underwater Hotel

Hydropolis Dubai

Currently under construction in Dubai, Hydropolis is the world’s first
luxury underwater hotel. It will include three elements: the land
station, where guests will be welcomed, the connecting tunnel, which
will transport people by train to the main area of the hotel, and the
220 suites within the submarine leisure complex.  Great photos.

It is one of the largest contemporary construction projects in the
world, covering an area of 260 hectares, about the size of London’s
Hyde Park.
"Hydropolis is not a project; it’s a passion," enthuses Joachim
Hauser, the developer and designer of the hotel. His futuristic vision
is about to take shape 20m below the surface of the Arabian Gulf, just
off the Jumeirah Beach coastline in Dubai. The £300 million, 220-suite
hotel is due to open at the end of 2007 and will incorporate a host of
innovations that will take it far beyond the original blueprint for an
underwater complex worthy of Jules Verne.
There are only a few locations in the world where such a grandiose
dream could be realised. A high proportion of today’s architectural
marvels are materialising like fanciful mirages from the desert sands.
We have come to expect extravagant enterprises to be mounted in the
Middle East, and especially in Dubai. "This venture could only be born
here in Dubai," says Hauser. "It [has] a very open-minded,
international community - and that’s what makes it so special."
The land on which Hydropolis is being built belongs to His Highness
General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai.
It was his last free beach property on this stretch of coast. The
project is a fantastic one, yet Sheikh Mohammed’s success record with
comparable schemes instils confidence that science fiction can become
fact. With his support, several companies have been formed to
kick-start this phenomenal project, and around 150 firms are currently
"There have been many visions of colonising the sea - Jules Verne,
Jean Gusto and several Japanese architects - but no one has ever
managed to realise this dream," says Hauser. "That was the most
challenging factor, and that’s what makes it so fascinating. Despite
being a dream of mankind for centuries, nobody has ever been able to
make living underwater possible."

Dubai Waterfront

Dubai Waterfront

More records will continue to be broken in Dubai with the arrival of the Dubai Waterfront, another spectacular project from Nakheel properties. Yet again Nakheel will create another truly distinctive piece of real estate that will transform the Dubai coastline and bring countless more property options to the Emirate. Aimed to bring increased investment and promote long term growth in the region, The Dubai Waterfront is much more than a simple addition to Dubai's property market. Being built on Dubai's western shoreline, The Dubai Waterfront will be positioned in the middle of Dubai and neighboring Emirate Abu Dhabi, and within a very short distance from Jebel Ali Free Zone, Port and Airport. This location provides the project with unparalleled transport links, facilitating its predicted role as both a regional and international residential and commercial hot spot.

Set to offer commercial and industrial areas, plus a wide array of residential freehold property, Dubai Waterfront is expected to be called home by around 1.5 million people. Once complete, the development will extend Dubai's coastline by 12 times its current standing, some 490 miles. Set to be built in a crescent shape around the Palm Jebel Ali, it will consist of 10 main zones: The Exchange, Boulevard, Downtown, Uptown, The Peninsula, Madinat Al Arab, The Palm Boulevard, The Riviera, Courniche and Al Ras.

There will be over two hundred and fifty communities in over 100 waterfront developments here, in what is aimed at becoming Dubai's premium luxury housing region. Nakheel has placed a large emphasis on its efforts of reducing the environment impact of such a project, with water and energy conservation being paramount in the running of this huge development.
The Waterfront will feature over 42 miles of canals running throughout the development, increasing waterfront living options to an even greater extent.

Set to be several time the size oh Manhattan and Beirut, The Waterfront is to become the largest beachfront development in the world, and will be the largest man made development ever created. This truly is a special opportunity to invest in a groundbreaking project that will take real estate in Dubai to another level. The development will even provide its own harbor, and will feature numerous shopping and entertainment facilities along with luxury hotels. Here will be a tourist destination in its own right, and with the likes of Hydropolis, an underwater hotel there is plenty to both do and see here that isn’t on offer anywhere else in the world. The focal point of the development will be the shoreline area, Madinat Al Arab. Creating a new city area, Madinat Al Arab will have at its centre a 750 meter skyscraper called Al Burj. As one of the tallest buildings in the world, and featuring stunning design, Al Burj looks to be the perfect fit to become the developments centerpiece.

The development will feature quality and unique architecture throughout, as is no doubt set to become an icon of Dubai's continuing prosperity and evolution into one of the world's top destinations. The Dubai Waterfront has no shortage of luxury and high end property on offer; however Nakheel has also made sure as to provide affordable housing here as well, so as to accommodate all budgets and price ranges, and all with a full range of services as you would expect from Nahkeel.

With a project like the Dubai Waterfront it is hard to appreciate the full scale of what is on offer here. Whilst still in its very early stages in regards to information of the property on offer set to based gere, what has been released has proven immensely impressive with investors.  The 1st phase of Al Madinat, some 30 % of that district, with a total worth of 13 Billion AED, sold out within a matter of days. Other property released here will no doubt prove equally as popular as and when it comes onto the market, and offers a truly brilliant investment opportunity for those interested in Dubai freehold property.         

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